Owning an Airbnb proves beneficial during the peak of travel season. However, deep cleanings can be few and far in between because of the volume of guests checking in and out.

Typically, you make sure to clean every inch of your home that your guests will reside in. But there are 5 overlooked areas that, just in case you forgot to add these areas to your checklist, we are highlighting today. They are the “right under your nose” areas sure to make a difference in your rental for your guests.

1. Inside kitchen and bathroom drawers.

Most guests buy out on vacation. Airbnb clients treat your kitchen like their kitchen. Meaning they will need access to utensils and standard products. After multiple use these areas can accumulate crumbs and other little mites that guests will deem unsightly.

Make a habit of removing all the items from the drawer once a year and using a damp cloth to trap and remove debris from the bottom and corners of drawers.Conversely, a simple Clorox wipe could do the trick in less than 60 seconds. If you have multiple drawers, like dresser drawers, apply this same technique as they are of equal importance.

2. Under large area rugs.

Remember dust doesn’t only accumulate on surfaces but under them as well.

If your rug hasnít been moved in a while, roll it up and give the bare floor a good run over with a vacuum or damp mop if your rug is covering a tiled or wood floor.

Doing this every few monthly could mean the world to your clients as this simple thing could be the remedy to common allergy and asthma symptoms.

3. Behind large appliances.

Moving major appliances is daunting and oftentimes, something we never think to do. However bugs and spiders find these places ideal to make homes. While most people don’t go around rentals checking behind appliances for cleanliness, pests of any kind, anywhere are still unwanted houseguests.

Have your team use a duster or vacuum hose to get rid of the cobwebs and bugs behind your appliances.

4. Inside the dryer vent.

This place is extremely important to those houseguests looking to do their laundry in your rental.

Not maintaining this place could cause lint build up, dryer issues, and in extreme causes a fire hazard.

Because of the sensitivity of this place, hire an HVAC company to clean it. If you’re short on cash and know how, buy a new dryer hose as they are fairly inexpensive.

5. Closet shelving.

Just because they are typically left untouched by guest doesn’t mean they are untouched by dust.

Ask your cleaning team to quickly run a dusting wipe over them to trap loose dust that has settled over the course of the year.

Overwhelmed? No worries! Schedule a consultation with Class A Cleaning! We will take care of your turnover cleaning and have your next guest checking in expeditiously. That way, you can focus more on your own goings on and scheduling the check in of the next guest.