Replace or Repair?

Routine upkeep, care and cleaning will prolong the life of common household items and appliances. Yet most articles
and devices in the home don’t last forever. You may be saving more money and hassle by replacing a used piece instead
of trying to repair it. There are a several considerations to keep in mind when you decide what to do with your

Taking into account the carpet type and how worn it is, you have a few choices before you make a decision.
Some common problems that go beyond vacuuming or spraying are:

  • Burns, holes, tears or other material damage
  • Moisture due to leaks or floods
  • Unraveled carpeting that’s lost its original texture

There are some fix-it options. Depending on the design and state of the carpet in question you can decide whether
attempts at renovating are worthwhile. It’s possible to patch holes if your carpet does not have an intricate
pattern with a remnant.

Damp Carpeting

This poses a few more problems. Do you want to contend with mold, foul odor or other potential problems that are
worse can’t get it completely dried out? Some possible steps may be to:

  • Absorb as much moisture as possible with microfiber cloth or towels.
  • Increase ventilation opening windows
  • Use fans to improve air flow
  • Use a wet vacuum that’s designed for drying out carpet material

If you’re faced with effects of flooding, you could apply baking soda to soak up additional unwanted moisture
after 30 minutes. A dehumidifier may also boost the drying process, as well as running fans for a day or two.
Keep in mind that you can’t neglect excess dampness because you don’t want to deal with mold issues.
The allergens or toxins that it produces can present a health hazard. If your attempts to dry the carpet
yourself are unsuccessful call Class A Cleaning in Madison to get a professional evaluation. Be sure to make
note of areas that are not in clear view.

Old Carpet with Extreme Wear and Tear

Did you deep clean your carpet and discover stubborn stains and residue that just don’t come out? At times,
even commercial quality cleaning devices or products can’t get the job done. Some damage is permanent, such as:

  • A thread born area due to heavy traffic flow
  • Holes or rips that are impossible to mend
  • Unpleasant odors that have seeped into the pad or all the through the subfloor
  • Severely worn out and creased padding
  • Allergens that can’t be removed with regular vacuuming
  • Carpet that’s simply too old to bother with

If you opt for entirely new carpeting for your home, establish a schedule for regular cleaning and maintenance.
Don’t let your new investment deteriorate because of ground in stains or debris.

Routine Cleaning with Class A

Hiring Class A Cleaning in Madison, WI will keep your home fresh, clean, and helps to extend the life of your
carpet for a longer. If you’d like help and information on using our proven cleaning methods, call us today at
608-310-3123 to schedule a cleaning once-over or a routine that works for you.