Need Your Office Cleaned?

Having a clean office is so important when prospective customers or important vendors come to discuss doing business. Class A Cleaning will help you to feel excited to offer them a tour of your facility without having to worry about an area you had no idea was messy, until you did an inspection. Our OSHA Certified cleaning crew can have everything disinfected and sanitized along with every cleaning detail white-glove ready. Every room is inspected to make certain nothing was missed and everything is as it should be.

Windows will be sparkling, carpets cleaned, and baseboards polished, along with all flooring. Any knicks on the walls will be wiped down. All cobwebs will be dusted off. Special lighting can be polished as well with our eco-friendly products. You will notice the difference when you walk into your office (s) and smell the fresh scent, rather than the chemical smells that many cleaning companies use. We also focus special attention and care on bathroom and kitchen facilities and areas as well.

Front entrance foyers can sometimes be in untidy or disorganized conditions. We will spruce them up, and make it feel welcoming for all your guests. We will take away the worry about whether they might see a spider running across the floor while awaiting their appointment.

Or, whether a conference room looks like last year’s Halloween party. We wipe down your table(s) with whatever the surface requires. If it is wood, we take extra care to polish it properly, leaving everything fresh with all chairs tucked in and ready to entertain new sales and appointments. “You may never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.

If you’re looking to proudly present or entertain in your office, we are here for you. Book your appointment today!