An internet search for ant removal will turn up countless of results. Save yourself the bother of deciding which ones are lore and which are effective remedies to try

Vinegar. Clean surfaces where you’ve noticed ants with an equal mixture of water and white vinegar. Repeat several times throughout the day for best results. The acidic odor is a natural ant deterrent and vinegar also eradicates the scent trails they use to navigate through your home.

Baby Powder or Chalk. Make a thick line with chalk or scatter baby powder across the area where ants crawl into your home. A common ingredient in chalk, talcum powder, naturally fends ants off.

Borax. Combine a 50/50 mix of Borax and either jelly, a syrupy substance or sugar. The set in where ants will locate it. After consumption, Borax is harmful to their digestive and outer skeletal systems, and will eventually kill them.

Herbs/Spices. Sprinkle spices such as black or cayenne pepper, chili pepper or power, cinnamon, mint, or gloves of garlic. Place it along around the foundation of your home. Bay leaves can also be arranged in cabinets to further repel the insects. These plants emit a strong enough odor in the wild to ward off the critter and they work nicely in your home also.

Coffee Grounds. Disperse your used coffee grounds in and around your garden and home. The scent the grounds give off prevents their presence (as well as cats). Some local coffee shops will give you their used grounds.

Citrus or Cucumber Peels. Place the peels in areas of identified ant activity. These peels are toxic to the types of food ants eat, therefore they avoid them.

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