Cleaning the pet’s corner requires special care

A dog, a cat, or another little animal that has been chosen by you to share part of your life, little by little is gaining a place of importance in your affections. And it is not new to say that a large number of people who own domestic animals consider them members of the family.

And how to say they are not? They are fully blended into the day to day life of the house, and also have their routine, just like any other member of the house. They sleep, wake up, feed, have time to play, to take a shower, to walk. That’s when we are not woken up by them jumping on the bed or licking our faces in an energetic ‘good morning!’.

Following this new reality, cleaning products are also changing, since many chemical mixtures can be harmful to the health of the animal.

Check out some tips when buying cleaning products to sanitize your pet’s corner.

Pet's Corner

Cleaning Pet’s Corner Tips

Keep an eye on the packaging!

Many packages describe whether the product is pet-friendly. Usually banned products are boric, phosphoric, sulfuric, hydrochloric and oxalic acids, but there are also other ingredients that can be harmful to your pet.

In addition to the ingredients, the label also explains how to use the product correctly.

How to clean the animal’s space

A valuable tip when it comes to sanitizing the animal’s location is to get the products in a trustworthy pet shop. They have products that really are pet-friendly.

When purchasing a new cleaning product, make sure that the product does not have a powerful aroma, as this may impair the smell of the animal.

Start by vacuuming the place, collecting any residue from food, hair, and dirt in general. To wash the area, use a liquid neutral detergent or coconut soap and finish the cleaning with a disinfectant that you acquired from the pet shop.

Do not forget the blankets of the animals; ideally, you should wash it every week or at most every 15 days. Use coconut soap and hot water to perform the cleaning.

Always take care and clean your pet’s space so he will live happily and in a clean place!

Routine Cleaning with Class A

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