How to Clean the Clogged Showerheads

It is common that, with daily use, the shower holes will become clogged. This happens because along with water also comes minerals that end up depositing in that place. However, there is no reason to despair as there are several ways to unclog showerheads. The part of the shower where the “holes are” is called a spreader, and it is in it that we concentrate our efforts.

Here are three surefire techniques of how to unclog the shower at home. Read and choose the one that seems most interesting to you!

How to unclog shower with vinegar

Vinegar is really a partner of both cleaning at home and being able to be used for the most diverse purposes. So it’s no surprise that there is also (at least) one way to unclog shower with vinegar.

To test this tutorial on how to unclog shower with vinegar, you will need:
– Medium Bowl
– Vinegar
– Water
– Brush (toothbrush or washing)
– Toothpick or small wire

With these easy to find items, Follow step by step how to unclog shower with vinegar:

1. Before starting to clean the shower, turn off the circuit breaker or the general power switch;
2. In a bowl, put enough water to cover the spreader, add half a glass of vinegar and mix well;
3. Remove the spreader and immerse it in the bowl;
4. Wait for 1 hour, remove the spreader and put a brush in the holes that are still clogged;
5. If any holes are still clogged, use a toothpick or small wire to remove the hardest residues;
6. Finally, screw the spreader back in and turn the breaker back on.

How to Clean A Shower Without Taking It Off the Wall

Did you try to get the spreader out and you could not? No problems! Here we will pass a guide on how to clean the shower without taking it off the wall.

To implement this tutorial on how to clean the shower without taking it off the wall, you will need:

– Plastic bag
– Vinegar
– Warm water
– String

Have you got it all at home? So let’s take a step-by-step how to clean the shower without removing the wall:

1. Turn off the circuit breaker or general power switch;
2. Pour a glass of vinegar and a glass of warm water into the plastic bag;
3. Tie the bag in the shower leaving the spreader immersed in the mixture of vinegar and water;
4. Leave on for 1 hour, reconnect the circuit breaker, remove the bag and open the register to rinse the spreader.

If your shower continues with some clogged holes even after following this guide, we recommend following steps 4 through 6 in the previous tutorial on unclogging shower with vinegar.

How to Clean the Shower Heads with Brush

Our last tutorial on how to unclog the shower is as practical as the previous one. It is also an alternative of how to clean the shower holes without having to remove it from the wall.
To put it into practice, you will need only a washing brush or toothbrush.

Here are our cleaning instructions for brush cleaning shower heads:

1. Turn off the circuit breaker or general power switch;
2. Turn on the faucet and, when the water comes down, rub the spreader with the washing brush or toothbrush;
3. When you notice that the holes are all free, turn off the register and reconnect the circuit breaker.

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