Did you know that baking soda is a great green cleaning product? It’s useful for scrubbing, perfuming, whitening, scouring, and more. Try it out today!

Do away with charred stainless steel pots and pans. Eliminate burnt-on foods by just boiling some baking soda and water in your pan and then allowing it to cool down. You can soak all night for tough burns. Another option is to make a baking soda paste with green dish soap and let that soak in your pot for a few hours. Rinse your pan out and if there if residual burnt food remaining, scrub away with a more baking soda.

Enhance your automatic dish detergent. If your dishes are particularly dirty, hold off from adding more detergent. Sometimes this leaves a filmy deposit behind. As an alternative, add one teaspoon of baking soda. It safely softens the water and improves its cleaning power.

Naturally clean and deodorize carpets & rugs. Consider using baking soda as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional, and sometimes harmful, carpet cleaners. Instead of reaching for harmful, conventional carpet cleaners, consider using baking soda as an earth friendly alternative to naturally deodorize and clean your carpets and rugs. Add some lavender to drive out pet odors, dirt particles and work away stains.

Ward off stinky smells in dishwashers. If you detect a foul odor in your dishwasher between uses, try shaking a 1/2 cup of baking soda onto the base of the washer in between dishwashing. It will combat odors.

Refresh drains & garbage disposals. Scatter baking soda into your garbage disposal and drain and let it do the work for you in minutes to hours. Afterward, pour some vinegar down the drain, and then run hot water through. Soap buildup, germs and grunge will be removed and your drains will smell and let it sit for as little as a few minutes to several hours. Then pour in some vinegar. Next, run some hot water. Germs, soap scum, and grime will be cleaned away and your drains will smell clean and fresh!

Refresh air organically. Neutralize unpleasant odors and leave your home with a light, invigorating scent with a lemon a baking soda and lemon room perfume.
Improve your laundry detergent. Think about adding a cup of baking to your laundry if it’s getting drab and discolored. It will boost the efficiency of your laundry detergent and also helps to soften the water. You’ll be aware of softer and cleaner garments. You can also add and uplifting scent with bergamot.

Incorporate baking soda into your refrigerator cleaning routine. A simple paste of baking soda added to a small amount of water makes washing your refrigerator easier and is non-toxic. Use a damp microfiber rage to wipe away soiled areas.

Aromatic, scratch-free scrubbing. Delicate surfaces will appreciate if you use a mixture of water, baking soda, vinegar and peppermint oil.

Combat nasty toilets. Shake baking soda into your toilet and let it work for several minutes. Then scrub that gross scum away! A little vinegar helps fight mold also

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