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Green Cleaning Services Madison, WI

Madison Green Cleaning Janitorial Services

Homes and businesses are as unique as people, so we at Class A Cleaning can offer customized cleaning services to fit your unique specifications. Pricing is based on a visual/verbal assessment of the of the rooms you want cleaned and the frequency of cleaning. Also, while our rates are based on a simple scale or set rate for maintenance cleaning services. They may fluctuate based on room size, number of room, specialty areas, pets, knick-knacks and other factors. In addition, we also take into consideration size (square footage) and number of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, utility rooms, offices, stairs, and etc etc. All supplies and equipment are provided by Class A Cleaning and Janitorial Services, unless specified by you.

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We take our business of cleaning very seriously, and we will attend to the cleaning needs of your business and offices space seriously too. Similarly to our residential cleaning services, we will work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs. Our friendly and professional staff work hard to ensure they meet and exceed your expectations.

What We Do In Each Room

1. Dust all surfaces (top, sides and front) Items get moved when dusting – fans, light fixtures, picture frames, Window sill, doors and ledges, Woodwork, misc. items

2. Clean glass, Clean baseboards, Scrub shower & tub, including glass doors, Clean vanity and sink, Windex mirrors and fixtures, clean toilets inside & out, including base & behind Empty trash, Wipe down cabinets, Clean countertops *items get moved when cleaning counters, Scrub sinks, Clean/remove fingerprints from outside of appliances.

3. Fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, etc. Clean top of stove, Clean floor/Vacuum Carpet, Shake/vacuum rugs. Cleaning the inside of appliances is available is at an Additional Charge (e.g. refrigerator, Inside oven).

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Don’t like making phone calls? Well you’ve come to the right place. Check out our FAQs.

Monthly Professional Cleaning Service
Is Class A Cleaning insured and do you carry workers’ compensation insurance?

Yes, Class A Cleaning is fully insured and we carry workman compensation insurance as  well.

How much will it cost to clean my home or business?

Costs are established by the scope of work involved in your cleaning project. That is why we offer a Free consultation either by phone or in-person, as it is nearly impossible to accurately establish pricing without knowing some of the main factors in your unique cleaning needs.

  • Man hours needed?
  • Is it a Green Clean or a Traditional clean?
  • Are we using the client's cleaning solvents or our own?

There are so many other factors such as square footage, room sizes, amount of bathrooms, that go into an accurate cleaning quote. However you can rest assured with the Class A Cleaning’s superior efficiency system that all of our team members receive training on- we remain one of  the most affordably priced cleaning services in Wisconsin..

Do I have to sign a contact?

Not in the case of typical residential cleaning services. A contract is  not needed except:in the case of Construction Clean-Ups. Contracts are necessary and in fact are mandated by law- for major projects with Contractors and developers.Also in the case of City, County, State or Federal Government services . However what is common with residential services, is the system of invoicing which can act as a contract when services are rendered?

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When you submit the ”Book A Cleaning” form, we will receive an email with your information attached. We will call you back, usually within 24 hours, to confirm your cleaning appointment, along with answering all of your questions regarding pricing and scheduling. While we may not be able to tell you the exact time to the minute of our arrival, we will give you an estimated time of arrival that works with your time window.


Our cleaning rates are based on “worked hours”. Therefore, if we estimate a cleaning job (at a given rate) based on a total of 4 hours of cleaning, a team of 2 workers will complete the work in 2 hours, or a team of 4 will complete the work in 1 hour. Likewise, a single cleaning worker may complete the work in 4 hours. The number of workers affects how long the cleaning crew will be at your location, but does not affect your pricing.

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