Does your house look like a sewer or an anthill? I hope not! For it does not make sense to live surrounded by bugs and ants, do you not agree? These unwanted visits compromise the hygiene of the surroundings and can affect the health of the residents. Despite being small pests, these insects are the villains of cleaning and can cause real damage in your home. Check out our post and become a real pest exterminator, a modern Ghostbuster, by eliminating these evildoers from your address!

Save your superpowers
It may sound cliché, but when it comes to these treacherous pests, prevention is better than cure, because once they arrive, you know how difficult it is to exterminate them once and for all. Thus, to ensure that bugs, flies, and ants stay away from your home, the best route is prevention. Did you eat half?

Save the rest!
Since the word of order is prevention, try to keep the house always clean, removing the dirt from your pet and putting screens on the doors and windows. Put it in your head, once and for all, that preventing these insects from visiting is much easier than sending them away.

Wash your container
Rubbish attracts many bugs and ants, so it’s important not to let it accumulate. So write it down: be the right person and respect the collection days! Also, make it a habit of always leaving the bin closed. When you remove the bags, wash and disinfect your container. Believe me, this is as tedious a provision as it is necessary.

Force insects to fast
The kitchen is the main focus of the insects that appear in search of, of course, food. But know that solving this problem is much simpler than it seems: just keep the environment always clean and dry. Here is the rule of dirty, cleaned! Waiting for a little while to do the cleaning can be costly as the ants are very fast, smelling food from afar. So, try to keep everything in the right place.

Cook the magic potion
There are quite useful home recipes to keep ants and bugs away from your home. Placing cloves at strategic points in the residence, for example, works very well. Sprinkling vinegar on windows and counters is also a killer way out of sight. To fend off bugs – nothing is better than baking soda and bay leaves!

Climb Mount Everest
If you do not want to see ants and bugs roaming freely through your kitchen, then do not let a mountain of dirty dishes sit in the sink. Most bugs are nocturnal insects, which are attracted by the dirt accumulated in the dishes. And then you will see, when you least notice, the problem will have settled. Face the laziness of the recipes and take a breath to climb this mountain before the avalanche takes over! If after trying everything, the little buggers do not give a thousand feet to twist, admit that alone you will not. Turn to detention and get rid of those unemployed!